Have a tentacled Hallowe'en

Picture of children in Martian costumes

Happy Halloween

We followed instructions Seth found on Instructables to make these costumes, and got rave reviews everywhere we went, especially from parents old enough to remember the Martians on Sesame Street. For those of you who don't, YouTube has a bunch of their videos. This one is my favourite:

Halloween House by Azlen

Azlen and I did the pumpkin carving. He made the witch with very little help from me (and he made the Halloween picture above in Vector Designer

Witch Jack-o-lantern

Witch Jack-o-lantern

I made the Cthulhu Jack-o-lantern based off an image I found on Flickr. Mine didn't turn out so nice, but I'm happy with it.

Cthulhu Jack-o-lantern

Cthulhu Jack-o-lantern

And now everyone is exhausted and crashing from the sugar high. We now return you to your regularly scheduled November.


[] Posted on 2010-10-31 by Dethe Elza

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