The Future We Deserve

Nature's Traffic Lights

The title of this post comes from the book The Future We Deserve edited by my friend Vinay Gupta. I wanted to write a poem about falling in love in a time of catabolic collapse (i.e., now) and stealing that title for it felt like a good fit.

The Future We Deserve

There are many challenges
In this changing world
And the strongest tool
We have for facing them
Is to build community

There will be sadness and pain
But together we have something
Worth striving for
And build another day

The joys will be more for
Having to persevere
Our love will be richer
For the work and loss which go with it

From ashes we will make wine
From chaos we will celebrate
From anger we will learn
From flood we will bathe naked in the sunshine

We will pound guns into bicycles
Plant gardens where asphalt lay
We will live

Without digging up the bones
Without burning the blood
Without poisoning the skin
Of the earth



[] Posted on 2014-02-20 by Dethe Elza

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