Using Python and Cocoa on OS X

Dethe Elza

Blast Radius

Some Elementary Background

OS X, How and Why

Cocoa: What and Why

The Three Roads to Cocoa in Python

Cocoa is accessible from Python via the PyObjC library, but there are (at least) three ways to build the Cocoa UI.

The Dream of the Perfect Interface Interface

Interface Builder: What and Why

Interface Builder: Continued

No Honor Among Renaissance Men

Renaissance: What and Why

Renaissance: Continued

Interface Builder NG: Vim

Pure Python Cocoa: What and Why

Pure Python Cocoa: Continued

Mac Snobbery for Fun and Profit

What makes a complete OS X application?

Having our cake and eating it too

NextStep Cocoa Interface Builder

21st Century Renaissance

Renaissance: The Missing Manual

Renaissance is somewhat XUL-like, but not as thoroughly developed or documented

Missing Widgets

  • NSlider
  • NSProgressIndicator
  • NSStepper
  • NSCombobox
  • NSDrawer
  • NSTabView
  • NSSearchField
  • NSDateFormatter
  • NSNumberFormatter
  • NSWebView
  • NSOpenGLView
  • NSMovieView

Missing Attributes

Other Limitations of Renaissance


Four ways to make Cocoa more "Pythonic"

Reinventing Lisp

Enough knowledge to be dangerous

What about the alternatives

Problems with the alternatives

The benefits of XML

The benefits of XML (Continued)

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