Creating OS X Cocoa Applications Using XML and Python

Dethe Elza

Blast Radius

Some Elementary Background

OS X, How and Why

Cocoa: What and Why

Python: What and Why

Renaissance: What and Why

Mac Snobbery for Fun and Profit

What makes a complete OS X application?

21st Century Renaissance

Renaissance: The Missing Manual

Renaissance is somewhat XUL-like, but not as thoroughly developed or documented

Missing Widgets

  • NSlider
  • NSProgressIndicator
  • NSStepper
  • NSCombobox
  • NSDrawer
  • NSTabView
  • NSSearchField
  • NSDateFormatter
  • NSNumberFormatter
  • NSWebView
  • NSOpenGLView
  • NSMovieView

Missing Attributes

Other Limitations of Renaissance



Example: The 15 Minute Editor

Did I mention it's XML?

Is that it for XML?

Enough knowledge to be dangerous

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