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Jul 20, 2020 • Less than a minute read


Alright, I’m getting tired of trying to read (and write) what ought to be blog posts in long Twitter threads, so I’m dusting off my old blog. Also retiring my roll-your-own blogging tool which was basically a poorly coded version of Jekyll anyway (in my defence, Jekyll didn’t exist when I first wrote it). I did spend some time trying to bring the old beast forward into Python 3 idioms, but it was clear I was falling into my old trap of working on my blogging software instead of actually blogging. At least it was written in Markdown, to transitioning to Jekyll, while not perfectly straightforward, wasn’t too bad.

I will be tweaking the CSS a bit here and there, and fixing broken links if I find them, but basically the old content, such as it is, is here for archival purposes only. I have a lot of ideas of things to write about, in my usual mishmash of politics, programming, poetry, etc. so hopefully I can not stop playing with the code and start writing.

Post by: Dethe Elza 💜