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Black Lives Matter. Defund the police.

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Dethe Elza • Oct 27, 2010 • Less than a minute read

Stained Glass Generator

This is just a quick sketch I made, originally in NodeBox, ported to Raphael for sharing. I was had an idea for a book cover and used this to explore the space. Generates a new image each time you load the page.  Read →

Dethe Elza • Sep 16, 2010 • 3 min read

Veve Merit Badge

I saw this tweet the other day and it got me thinking about a project I worked on a few months back and how I could bring it to the web.
@Nerdmeritbadges Now I’m fascinated by voodoo veves: Hmm, What’s the veve for emacs? ^JY
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Dethe Elza • Aug 16, 2010 • Less than a minute read

Fractalism, compost, and open-source

Fractalism Two important trends: personal manufacturing (fabbing) and urban agriculture. “Most people who know about “open source” (including Free/Libre software) understand it as a technological model. A smaller group says no, really it’s an economic model[…] But while both of these perspectives are narrowly correct, they are also both incomplete. Ultimately, open source is a political model.” Jamais Cascio, Technological Self-Determinism (  Read →