Great works of art in social media


At Northern Voice, Darren Barefoot is asking why there is so little profound art on the web, but I think there is so much profound art that I cannot keep up with it. Perhaps it is because we have different filters for what is profound, but here are some sites that I frequently find art that speaks to me.

Dresden Codec: Dungeons and Discourse

Industrial Decay

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Algorithmic Art
Structure Synth:

GapMinder (profound statistics)


Film is not dead, it just smells funny


We Make Money Not Art

While I cannot keep up with all the art that I come across, I can find a social connection between all of these. The best, most moving art doesn’t just inspire me to admire it or think about it, but to share it with my friends and to create art that I wouldn’t have created otherwise.

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